We have over 100 Stag Party Ideas and Stag Party Packages in Sligo for you to choose from, browse through all Stag Party Packages listed on this page. For further information on all our packages contact our team at

The Cube Stag Party Package

The Cube Stag Party Package is ideal if you have a competitive stag that loves a challenge. Have you ever watched the Cube Experience on TV and taught, “That looks easy!!” Well, now you can see…… just how easy it really is with The Cube Stag Package on your Stag Party...

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Sligo Bush Tucker Trials Stag

Sligo Bush Tucker Trial Stag Party activity and is one of the most fun, exciting and adventurous Stag Party packages that we now offer at Our team at have replicated some of the fun filled games from the TV hit series “I’m A...

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Beer Pong Activity

Our Beer Pong Stag Party Idea is very simplistic but always great fun. The aim of the game if simple. Beer Pong is generally played by teams of two in which each team takes turn throwing a table tennis ball into the other team’s cups. Once a ball lands in a cup, the...

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FA Cup Stag Package

The Football Association Challenge Cup, commonly known as the FA Cup, is a knockout competition in English football, organised by and named after The Football Association (the FA). It is the oldest existing football competition in the world, having commenced in the...

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Clay Pidgeon Shooting Package

Our Clay Pidgeon Shooting Stag Party Package is ideal for the competitive stag party. Whether you’re experienced in the clay shooting department or whether you’ve not even held a shotgun before, this activity is for you, masculine yet fun. Get those tweed jackets at...

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Craft Beer Tasting

The Craft Beer Tasting Experience has proven to be one of our most popular Stag packages with our VIP’s in the last couple of months. With this Stag package you will enjoy an afternoon or evening unwinding with your mates and other enthusiasts while chatting with...

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Stag Do On The Town

Our Stag Do On The Town Package is the Stag package every Stag should go on. Our Stags on the town package is an ideal package for lads before the big day arrives. Some call this The final hooray! filled with absolute craic with all your fellow stags together. This...

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Sligo Pub Tour | Stags

Sligo Pub Tour is a Stag Tour tour that visits some of the best pubs in the County of Sligo. During the Sligo Pub Tour you can just come along for the fun and enjoy a few drinks with friends or soak up the culture and heritage that oozes out of our local watering...

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