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As we reflect on our Most Popular Hen Party Ideas 2019, we felt it was time we wrote a blog article for all our guests to read, especially for those who will be considering Sligo as their hen or stag destination in 2020 or in 2021 and looking for hen party ideas.  So let’s start off with our most popular hen party activity.

1.Sligo Bush Tucker Trials

bush tucker in action The Sligo Bush Tucker Trials was an idea our team came up with late in 2018, we decided to take some of the Bush Tucker Trial challenges from the TV series “I’m a celebrity get me outta here” and put our own slant and ideas on each challenge. When the hen party arrives at the activity location the hen party will be split into two teams.  The host will then invite a member of each team to take part in a number of rounds and Bush Tucker Trial challenges.  During each challenge both teams will go head to head to compete for stars and diamonds, the team with the most diamonds or stars wins. A simple idea turned out to be our most popular hen party ideas in 2019 so popular our bearest competitors have now listed this activity on their own websites.

2. The Cube

The Cube The Cube still remains to be one of our most popular activities at Garavoguehenstag.  Like The Sligo Bush Tucker Trials, The Cube was also taken from the TV show “The Cube”.  The Cube master lines up a round of challenges for each team member of the hen party to go head to head in a challenge. The Cube is without a doubt still a very popular hen party activity and one we highly recommend, especially for the more subtle hen party. Have you and your hen’s have got what it takes to beat The Cube.


3. Gin Yoga 

And last but not least our third most popular hen party ideas in 2019 was our Gin Yoga activity.  With the rise of the Gin craze over the last few years we felt it was important to host a GIN related activity, so our team came up with the Gin Yoga concept.  Gin Yoga first began in Humber Street Distillery in Hull and we immediately fell in love with this new idea. So we decided to include this activity on our website. Yoga can be intimating for some, but our team will help make all of the party as comfortable as possible, there is also a fun element in this activity, all washed down with a tasty Gin & Tonic.  So if you’re looking for an activity with a difference, then we highly recommend you check out our Gin Yoga package.



5 Star Google Review: Thanks to Kira & Sinead for coordinating a great hen party at the weekend! Activities (gin yoga and bush tucker trials) were amazing – the staff was very attentive and great craic! Couldn’t have asked for better! Thanks for everything! – Zoe Daly

So there it is our top 3 hen party activities for 2019, all the above activities can be an activity only or part of an all-inclusive package which includes: Accommodation, Meals, Reserved Areas, and Activity.

2020 Hen Party Activity Suggestions


Throughout 2020 we will continue to add new activities and new ideas to our growing list, already we have had some new activities making impressions on all our 2020 hen party inquiries so far.  1. Tiki Hen Party, looking at the amount of Tiki Bars opening in Ireland, our team feels that we are on the verge of a national Tiki Craze.  So we have decided to put our heads together and come up with a fun-filled Tiki activity.


Tiki Hen Party activity can only be described as an exotic and tropical party which is ideal hen party activity, especially during the summer months. This unique hen party that takes place in Sligo’s only Tiki Bar includes Tiki Cocktails, Tiki Costumes, Tiki Accessories and lots of Tiki Games. Our mixologists have put together a selection of mouth-watering Tiki Cocktails that you will get to taste on arrival at the Tiki venue. Then our host will split your party into two teams where you and your hens will go head to head in various Tiki Party challenges including Pass The Coconut, Hula Hoop ( Till You Drop ), Tiki Limbo, Tiki Skirt Relay, Tiki Pictionary and all the poi you can eat.


2. Friends Every Woman, Man, and Child now know that in 2020 there will be a Friends Reunion so with the return of Ross, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Monica, and last but not least Phoebe Buffay to our big screens, we have a feeling that a lot of your Friends fans will want to take part in our Friends Hen party Activity.  This is a party theme for everyone who wants to celebrate by reuniting with an era that defined us.  If you are part of a younger generation and have a soft spot for the 90’s or just a soft spot for the Friends show itself, this activity is the right one for you.


So that’s our hen party idea tips for 2020, for further information on all other activities we offer,  make sure you visit