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Send to all is the perfect hen or stag ads on activity simply because this is your chance to embarrass the Bride to be or the groom to be. We found the Send to all idea when the famous Michael McIntrye trashed Holly Willougby’s phone contacts on live tv by sending a usually awkward text message to all of his or her phone contacts. How it works: our host takes full control of Hen or Stags phone, he will then mirror the phone on one of our big screens, where he will then have a route around some random pictures and text messages embarrassing the hen or stag by revealing some of their darkest and funniest secrets.  But then the fun begins, he will then send the text to all of the phone contacts and then we all just sit back and wait for the hilarious replies.  


** Send to All can be an activity ad on to a current package or a stand-alone package including other party games. **

Send To All Hen Party Package Includes:


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