Chat with us on WhatsApp!

Did you know that you can contact us now on WhatsApp?

Our team is always available to chat to you on WhatsApp. So whether you’re in a different country and can’t catch us in office hours or just feel more comfortable chatting to us in messenger you can now just pop us a message and one of the team will come right back to you. It can be costly to call from abroad, never mind the time difference so with WhatsApp that saves you all the hassle of waiting to hear back from us.

We want to try and be as available for our Hen and Stag parties when they are in town. With our WhatsApp service you can send us a message on the day if something crops up or you need to get in touch with one of our team members quickly. We know there is nothing worse than trying to get in contact with someone who is 9-5 Monday to Friday but now its Saturday and you’re stuck without a taxi number. Just send us a WhatsApp message and we will come right back to you as soon as we can!

We also love to see your photos from the party so why not send them on to us on WhatsApp.

To start chatting with us just contact us on 0719155537

or click below.