frequently asked questions

Check out some of the frequently asked questions below.

where are you based?

We are a Sligo based Hen and Stag Company offering the best rates and packages in Sligo. we are located in the heart of Sligo in The Garavogue Bar Sligo. 

Do you cover any other areas apart from Sligo?

No we just cover Sligo. To get started on your quote contact us on 

can i just book a table in your bar or do i have to book a full hen package?

Yes, you are welcome to book a table in any of our bars or restaurants. Be it for food or just drinks contact us on or 0719155537 to book your table today. 

do you have your own hotel or accommodation?

No we dont own our own hotel here in Sligo. We work closely with all of the hotels and accommodation providers however to ensure you get the best rates available. Check out the list of Accommodation that we work with here in Sligo. 

can i just book a hotel stay through you?

As we are not an accommodation provider we would not be able to book for you a stay on its own. Accommodation is only available as part of a package deal. To get started on your quote contact us on 

i am booked on to a hen or stag party through you. how do I get my itinerary?

We will work very closely with 1 or 2 main organisers in your group to ensure all the details are correct. If you have any questions, we suggest you contact your manin organiser as they will have the most up to date information. If you are unsure who is the main organiser for your group, pop us an email on with the name of your hen and we will get you in touch with the organiser. 

i need to cancel my place. where do i do this?

We hate to see you go, but if for some reason you are no longer able to make it please let your main group organiser know in an email so we can make sure you are removed from the list. Your main organiser will have the details also on our cancellation policy regarding refunds.

Is there a minimum number of attendees for hen or stag parties?

Yes we ask for a minimum number of 10 attendees per group unless something else has been agreed. Check the details of your booking to see what your minimum number is. If your numbers go below your minimum, you could be asked to make up the amount. 

can I contact you over text?

Yes we have a whatsapp service. You can contact us here: 

what are your office hours staff will be in the office Monday – Friday 9am-5pm GMT. Your query will be answered the next working day if your enquiry comes through outside of these hours. You can contact any of our staff members on or 0719155537.

The best way to get us is by WhatsApp in an urgent situation. The office is closed on weekends. 

do you have a bus service or taxi?

We dont have a Bus or taxi service. Transport to and from your accommodation to our bars and restaurants needs to be booked as extra. For groups over 15 we recommend you do book a mini bus that can be booked through your booker. Sligo has a taxi rank on Quay Street or you can book a taxi through Free Now.

where do you recommend visiting in sligo while i'm there?
are you on TIKTok?