Tiki Hen Parties

Have you ever been to a Tiki Party? If you haven’t been to one then you are missing out!

Tiki Parties are one of our most popular Hen Parties here at Garavoguehenstag.ie, but what’s it all about?

Well our Tiki Parties start with your group coming in to The Blind Tiger on a busy Saturday afternoon where you will be greeted by the manager on duty. You can grab a drink from the bar downstairs and then you will be brought up the stairs to our transformed Tiki Lounge.

In our Tiki Lounge Hawaiian music will play throughout and your group will be welcomed to take a seat while we get you all sorted. Your bride will be dressed up in additional Tiki Themed gear including hat and shirt but the rest of your group will be given a Lei as a welcome gift. Additional costumes are encouraged to be worn to really help you get in the mood!

Along the bar you will find a selection of cocktails from our Exclusive Blind Tiger Tiki Cocktail Menu. You will all be encouraged to try them all and choose what cocktail you would like to go with. The Mixologist will then make your cocktail for you. The Bride will be invited to come behind the bar and make her own cocktail while yours are being prepared. Make sure to get plenty of pictures of your Bride shaking up a storm!

Once you are all sorted with drinks and comfortable we will split you into two teams with a team captain. you will be encouraged to come up with a fun team name if you haven’t already come up with one. To help you get in the mood we will start with some simple games like Tiki Pictionary. Your team will be gathering points throughout the afternoon with the various games.

Your host will encourage you all to get involved and be as competitive as you can be to win the coveted Golden prize available only to the winner!!! Expect to play 4-6 themed games over the 90 minutes. A break is given in all of our activities. The amount of games that you do is depending on the size of your group and how long it takes to get through each.

The Tiki Hen Party suits any size group and is a fun one for those who perhaps don’t know each other very well and the group is meeting for the first time on the Hen Party or equally if you know each other very well this always going to be a laugh.

Still not convinced? Then have a look for yourself


To book our Tiki Hen Party contact us on 0719155537 or email bookings@garavoguehenstag.ie