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According to a recent article by British GQ the right way to do a stag is by following these Stag Rules:

Stag Rules:

  • Keep Numbers Down. Only invite people who know and want there.
  • Host a pre-stag. So the group can get to know each other.
  • Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want instagrammed.
  • The stag doesn’t pay. All the stags should chip in and pay for the groom to be.
  • No public shaming. Don’t embarrass each other and chuck away them hideous costumes.
  • No Strippers.
  • Eat – Book a decent restaurant and have a proper meal.
  • A Sten is perfectably acceptable. Give the Groom what he wants it’s his day.
  • Put non-drinking activities in the mix.
  • Treat it like a holiday. Enjoy yourselves.

So, do you think there should be Stag Rules?

Stags side view in animal costumes

Like you have to consider the stag is going be drinking heavily… full of tequila and cocktails!

So you have to take into account the lads will not be on their best behaviour especially if the best man is known as the joker ….

The stag is in for a night filled 0f…

Strippers – Especially if your friends are always up for the banter.

A missing lad – Cause whats a stag without one of the lads going missing.

One lad causing havoc – There’s always one who gets kicked out of the club for fighting or being too drunk.

Stags in club with arms around each other



Well here’s the Stag Rules I think should be followed:

  • What happens on the stag stays on the stag.
  • No photos to be taken especially when one of the stags is being humiliated.
  • You must no back down from dares except ones that involve disloyalty to partners.
  • Leave everything behind before getting on the bus – e.g. Worklife
  • You must not avoid rounds.
  • No chasing the local women, focus is meant to be on the groom to be.
  • No man should be left behind.
  • Don’t let any of the group make bodily changes such as tattoos.
  • Make sure you do not loose the groom to be.

Draw Naked Girl Stag



Draw a Naked Girl Package

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