Hen Party Outfit Inspiration

Packing for the hen is a bit of a mare right? Its so hard to know what the Irish weather is going to treat us to each day. You wouldn’t go wrong packing an umbrella and the auld sun cream for the same weekend in the hen party bag. As if hen planning isn’t stressful enough like, then it comes to what to wear. If you’re like us then you’ve probably left the outfit to the last minute also. PANIC!

Nowadays you don’t have to look very far for hen party ideas and suggestions whether its for a sophisticated hen party or a more quirky hen do. The likes of In the Style, Penneys and good old Boohoo have a whole range of items available to your hen party. It’s as simple as add to cart now. Thankfully those annoying online delivery delays to the emerald isles have eased up also.

Our team at Garavoguehenstag.ie have compiled a list of ideas for you to make shopping that little bit easier with some links below. So, sit back with a cuppa and start shopping!


Let’s start with In The Style 

They have recently launched their own brand hen party range with everything from hats and bags to pajamas. All bridal party themed of course.

They also have a fabulous range of bridal dresses with options under €50. Here are two of our favorites. What we also love is they don’t just do smaller sizes with In The Style. There’s plenty of realistic sizes available and in styles that will suit lots of bodies.

Then there is Boohoo

What did we ever do before Boohoo? Talk about a game changer. Boohoo are a trailblazer in terms of own brand hen party wear.

Some of our favorites were:

But it’s not all about the bride yano! A big shout out to the gals working hard to put it all together. We admire you all and wouldn’t want to have your job gathering payments off 20 people you’ve never met before and you’re probably €500 in debt because of. The Joys!

Here’s some inspiration we found for the bride squad.

Travelling/Day Time Hen Party Outfit

Go for a nice jumpsuit you can dress up or down easily that’s comfy for the entire day if needs be.

The Going Out Out – Hen Party Outfit

We love a ruffle and a floral number and so do the single lads. If you’re out on the pull on this hen do, then go for a summer dress! A summer dress is always the most popular option we see here on nights out here at The Garavogue. This beauty can be worn with the legs out and heels or sandals in the week of summer that we get or paired with tights and flats or boots instead in the colder months.

Lastly let’s not forget the old important sashes.

We’re always happy to chat through what we think the weather is going to be like or if we have any ideas for what to bring. Give our organisers a call on 0719155537.

We can’t wait to see you here at Costa del Garavogue this summer.