Packing the Party Bag!

And you’re organising them

The Bride has asked you to organise the hen party and you thought it would be a great idea to do gift bags for everyone. It seemed like a great idea at the time but now you have no idea what to put in them. Here is our guide on what to put in those all-important party bags.

A glass or cup of some sort

You can find hen themed shot glasses on Amazon . Not only are they a perfect way to get free shots, but they also are a great way of identifying your group.

Hen Itinerary

Create a brief timetable of where you want everyone to be over the weekend and include things like directions and maps if they are making their own way around when they get there. Also let them know what they are expected to pay for when they get there if anything.

Sweets and Treats

Chuck in a few of the bride’s favourite sweets in to the bag, these are always appreciated when you need a wee sugar boost the following morning.

A beverage, or is it?

Shot roulette is one of my favourite games to play here. Collect those mini bottles of spirits or you can buy them in bulk on Amazon. Fill them all with water and put one in each bag. Tell them all that there is a mixture of gin, vodka and tequila in them but one of them is water. Then sit back and watch them all go, “I think I have the water”. Great amusement for a little while anyway.

Or you can always give them a drink on you

Inside an envelope you place a single teabag. On the envelope write 2thank you so much for coming on x’s Hen Party. I am so glad that you could make it. As a thank you please have a drink on me. “. They all will think they are getting a fiver for a drink and then open it to find the teabag.

Other things you can put in the bag
· Paracetamol
· Aspirin
· Sun glasses
· Flip flops
· Rain mac
· Mini sun cream
· Hen sash
· Hen T-shirt

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